May 8, 2019

Happy Spring,

What a March and April we had, 3-yard clean ups and Faith Helping Hands.  I can honestly say I’m glad we are on the way to summer so we can enjoy these cleaned up yards.

Easter was a wonderful celebration of our Lords Resurrection….the tomb was empty.  I hope you all were able to join us in Easter breakfast and Service. 

I know the next few weeks will be busy with end of school year and summer sports, but I hope you pray on it and make time for not just Sunday service but make time for your Youth to join in FLY.  It is such a special time for our youth to come together in the name of Jesus and be with fellow youths who share the same love for him. 

No set-in stone summer plans yet but we will for sure be making plans to have some fun this summer. 

We need to get busy on making Prayer blankets for children, Ms. Phyliss gave us a $250 Thrivent card to purchase fabric and a tote.  Anyone who knows of a child in the hospital, going thru any kind of treatment please let me know and we will get them a blanket.  I’m hoping we can take 30 minutes each FLY meeting to work on them through out the Summer.  They are Tie blankets so super easy.

We need to talk about fundraising for our Gaga Ball Pit, bring on the ideas.

Up and coming dates:

May 8th FLY 6:30 pm to 8pm

May 17th Movie Night 7pm

May 24th Flag Placement at Holly National Cementary 5pm

May 25th Remove Flags 5pm

May 31st Family Game night 7pm

June 30th Youth Sunday what are we singing?


Blessed to Serve,

Patricia Hartsell