Councils and Committees | Saint Edward Catholic Church

On June 17, the Church Council and Voters of Faith Lutheran Church met and discussed the pandemic precautionary measures that were put in place for our gatherings. We continue to monitor Federal and State recommendations and adjust our policies if needed.  In light of the recent guidelines and policy changes put forward by state and national health departments we are announcing the following:

  • Until the first Sunday in July (July 4th ) we will continue to ask that all persons wear masks when moving around the church facilities.
  • On July 4th all COVID-related restrictions, including the wearing of masks, will be lifted. This includes all areas of the church, for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • At that time we will resume the passing of offering plates, “tabling” at the rail together for communion, use of the common cup for those that desire it – in short; returning to normal practice.
  • Services will continue to be broadcast and available online for those unable to attend in person.
  • Please relay concerns and questions to your Elder or Pastor, especially if there are special considerations for communion. We will attempt to assure everyone’s safety and comfort as best we can.

Our priorities at Faith Lutheran Church continue to be the reception of God’s gifts and the hearing of His Word in as safe and comfortable a setting as possible; we thank God for his steadfast love and mercy.  We encourage all to take whatever additional precautions they wish and remind everyone to exhibit grace and patience in a Christian manner, especially toward those among our members and community who may still be wary of a complete lifting of restrictions.